Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development


Cultural and Multi-Cultural

The provision we make to support the cultural development of our children is extensive. Their understanding of their own cultural heritage is extended through studies of Cornish art, language and literature. We ensure access to high quality performance, theatre and the arts through our residential visits to Stratford-upon-Avon and London.

Through our study of other faiths, multi-cultural focus days and our residential visits programme we ensure our children fully understand and appreciate Britain as a multi-cultural country. (see our book)

We have very close links with our Churches, St Anta and St Uny. Children know the churches well and visit them to study and to worship regularly. There are also planned visits to other buildings or places of faith such as St Michael’s Mount, Truro Cathedral and the Southgate Gurdwara in London.

The children have created a spiritual garden space within the school grounds.



St Uny Church of England (VA) Primary School has been judged to be an outstanding Church School and we are immensely proud of this achievement. Christian distinctiveness and a commitment to nurturing childhood spirituality and well-being is at the heart of all we do.

SpiritualityThe inspector said “The wonderful quality of St Uny is the way in which children have many opportunities to reach out to and connect with a sense of otherness that the school believes is an essential part of human experience. To witness children touching something other and watching as they realise this, seeing it in their eyes, is a real joy. What makes this happen is very simple; love.”

Children learn that they are unique and special from the moment they come into the Foundation Stage at St Uny - they are encouraged to love and care about each other and the world. Opportunities to live, learn and grow in faith are afforded our children through the arts, language, outdoor learning and experiences or visits. Spirituality The inspector said “the school’s values and its spirituality are interlinked; and these are linked to the school’s curriculum and the way in which teaching and learning are organised and delivered. All of this is underpinned by explicit reference to Christian teaching. The headteacher’s grasp of this interdependence is outstanding. She combines this with a passion for children and their wellbeing which shines as a model for all those in the school community.”


Our children have a clearly defined sense of right and wrong underpinned through Christian values and the teachings of Jesus. In addition, they are guided toward consideration of wider moral issues through their study themes and classroom discussion and debate.


Behaviour and the quality of all relationships within our school have consistently been judged as 'outstanding'. Our children genuinely care about and consider the feelings of others. They take their social responsibilities seriously both locally, nationally and internationally through charitable support and child sponsorship.

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