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The children will create a number of Talking and Thinking Books over the course of the year. Talking and Thinking Books™ encourage thinking skills through talking together in a group so that children are consulted and influence the learning taking place at school. This half term, the children will examine a variety of object in a box (known as a Talking Tub) that were related to our new theme, Winter. The children look at and talk about these in a small group. Afterwards the children make a 3D Mind Map™ to record their thoughts and ideas with their teacher. These will then be transferred into a Talking and Thinking Book™.

The EYFS team then translate the children’s interests and questions into PLODS (Possible Lines of Development for planning) thinking about which matters fascinated the children and could best be developed into learning opportunities. The EYFS team record the PLODs in the Talking and Thinking Book™. This half term’s theme will be based on this planning and the children will be recording their thoughts and ideas in the Talking and Thinking Book™ over the course of this theme. If any family members have anything to enhance the theme (such as artefacts orphotos) or an area of expertise that they would like to share with the children please come and see us. We will be posting pictures on the school website of photos of our floor book during this half term so please keep your eyes peeled.

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