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The Curriculum

The CurriculumWe recognise as a priority the careful and thoughtful delivery of the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, ICT and, as a Church School, both Religious Education and Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education. We have adopted and developed the creative approaches to the curriculum advocated by the DFE 'Excellence and Enjoyment' document and exemplified in the International Primary Curriculum, which we believe is an ideal way, to teach the foundation subjects of Art and Design, History, Geography, Design Technology, Music and some aspects of Science, PE and language. An international link is woven into every study unit as are opportunities for children to learn about 'how to learn' and understand their own personal preferred learning style.

Our Teachers ensure that creative, challenging work is planned and that skills, concepts and knowledge are transferred between different areas of the curriculum. The themes selected for study are balanced both across

the year and key stage, links are made to ensure that children develop the self-confidence to move from the familiar to the unknown and challenge themselves in a secure and supportive learning context.

We create opportunities for real experience through day visits, artistic partnerships and workshops. Our planning ensures that every theme studied has an 'entry point' to launch the study. As children progress through the school several residential opportunities are offered to them; these visits are, of course, thoroughly researched, planned and risk assessed before they take place.

The CurriculumAll National Curriculum (NC) subjects are coordinated and managed by an allocated teacher; each teacher plans development, monitors coverage and standards, offers support and advice and initiates experience rich opportunities to celebrate learning.

National Curriculum Tests

National Curriculum Tests


National Curriculum TestsNational Curriculum Tests (SATS) are administered at the end of each Key Stage i.e. KS.1 - Year 2 (to confirm teacher assessment only) and KS2 - Year 6. Teacher assessments, especially in the core subjects, are an integral part of the recording cycle of each child's progress. Optional SATS are undertaken at Years 3, 4 and 5 and are helpful in setting targets and recording trends.

The Phonics Test

This is a newly introduced test which measures the number of Year 1 children who have achieved the required standard of phonic sound acquisition. It is taken in June and retested in Year 2 if the necessary standard is not met.


Special Educational Needs & Disability

Special Educational Needs and DisabilityWe are careful to ensure that all children have the same entitlement to the full range of the school curriculum; we are inclusive in our practice and appropriate accessibility is assured through differentiation and by adopting a range of teaching and learning strategies which cater for individual learning styles.

All parents should feel confident that their child's progress is being carefully monitored. If staff feel additional support would be helpful for a pupil - either because they are exceptionally able or because they are experiencing difficulties in a particular area - we will consult you at an early stage. We strongly believe in early intervention to address the needs of individual children and our SENCo is available via appointment each week.

TempOur school building is fully accessible for pupils with a physical disability; it is on a flat site with easy access to wheelchairs and there are disabled toilet facilities.

The 'Special Educational Needs Code of Practice' is central to our policy of support for children with SEN. If appropriate, and after a full consultation with parents, we will seek advice and support from the LA and other outside agencies.

Pupil Premium

The government give funding to schools for all children entitled to free school meals. This amount works out at about £600.00 per eligible pupil and is used to ensure that all our pupils, irrespective of circumstance, have an entitlement to the same learning opportunities. (see Pupil Premium Report in Downloads section)


Behaviour & Discipline

Behaviour and DisciplineOur school is a happy and friendly place where children learn in a secure and caring Christian community. Children are encouraged to develop respect and responsibility within a well ordered environment, where all staff have high expectations of appropriate behaviour. We teach children to acknowledge the effects of their behaviour on others. Generally our children meet these expectations and their positive behaviour is promoted through a 'reward' system. Negative behaviour is dealt with through a series of 'consequences' of which all of the children are aware.

Our Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship study units present

opportunities for reflection about attitudes, choices, emotions and feelings. When you visit our school we feel sure that these positive attitudes will be evident in the behaviour you observe.

Behaviour and DisciplineHowever, as an additional support, we adhere to an assertive discipline policy and there are clear routes of referral to senior staff should inappropriate behaviour occur. If we have concerns about continued inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour then parents will be contacted by the Head-teacher. Our Home-School Agreement emphasises a mutual commitment to good behaviour on the part of parents, each child and the school. (see our Behaviour Policy and Consequences Ladder in our Downloads section)

Extra Curricular Activities


Extra Curricular ActivitiesIn addition to the National Curriculum subjects taught in school, we offer a large selection of extra-curricular activities. These activities are important to the culture and ethos of the school, as they provide opportunities of all ages to experience and enjoy a wide range of pursuits. Offered throughout the year, these activities include: Art, Chess, Cross-country Running, Bikeability, French, Hockey, Gardening and Surfing. There are a wide range of additional sports opportunities available to schools within our cluster hosted at St Ives Secondary School.

TempIn football, netball, hockey, cross-country and swimming our school is involved in a programme of friendly competitions and galas. Fixtures are arranged by teachers on a regular basis and these provide opportunities for our children to meet and compete against children from other schools. We have been a Healthy School since 2006.

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