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Through the residential and enrichment opportunities we offer, we immerse children in multi-cultural experience. As an IPC school (international primary curriculum) all children study another country every term, they learn about and appreciate the interdependence of all countries in the world.

All that we do at St Uny is underpinned by our Christian foundation. We are a Church of England(VA) Primary School and, as such we have always ensured that ‘every child mattered’ – we believe each child is special, unique and loved by God. Through the quality of the relationships our children develop whilst at St Uny the nurture, care, guidance, support and encouragement they are given they leave us being confident individuals ready to embrace the next phase of their education.

We attain excellent academic results when compared both Nationally and with local schools. I am very proud of all the achievements of our children but I truly believe we have to do more than educate. We have an obligation to give all the children in our care the very best education and childhood we can!

Susan Costello


Welcome to the St Uny Church of England(VA) Primary School website, I really do hope you will find it useful. We have tried to think of everything you might want to know and included enough information to help you feel you understand us a little better.

It is my pleasure and privilege to be the Headteacher of such a very happy school. Our children are well-behaved, they work hard, try their best and thoroughly enjoy their learning – they are, quite simply a pleasure to teach!

Our staff are committed to making learning exciting and interesting by selecting interesting study themes and linking real experience and visits to the study theme each term. Alongside the organised visits and visitors linked to learning there are also many opportunities to develop personal interests through the many sports and after school clubs which range from surfing to chess.

Our outdoor learning space is quite exceptional and every child within our school knows about the environment and how we can take care of it. They work in the gardens, pond and poly-tunnel from 4 years old with our full time horticulturalist and, through that closeness to the natural world, they come to appreciate the wonder of creation.

There is a very real sense of community within our school – we are a family school. However we recognise our duty to raise awareness with regard to all aspects of community cohesion. We are part of a larger Christian community and, through charitable work and child sponsorship, we teach humility and thankfulness.


Mission Statement


Mission Statement


Our Mission

Mission StatementEducation at St Uny School is about learners experiencing the joy of discovery, solving problems, being creative and staying healthy. We have high expectations and strive for high standards. We have a broad, balanced and rich curriculum; we will help pupils develop self-confidence as learners whilst maturing socially and emotionally. We work on the principle that education is the fusion of excellence and enjoyment; learners do better when they are engaged and there is joy and excitment in what they are doing.


The School and Building


St Uny SchoolSt Uny is a Church of England School which is voluntarily controlled by the Diocese of Truro and has served the local community for 90 years. The school moved from its original site in Lelant to Carbis Bay in the 1970s and has been extended and developed since then to both accommodate growing numbers and, deliver in full, the National Curriculum. There are currently almost 300 pupils on roll and the school has been over-subscribed in every year group for a number of years.

Every available space has been fully utilised in the present building. All classrooms and the hall have interactive whiteboards, our fully equipped computer studio is timetabled for use by all year groups each week and, additionally, we have a music room and laboratory.


Our grounds are completely secured by a perimeter fence, we have open play spaces and specially installed creative play equipment.

The grounds are continually being developed and improved and presently we have wild and cultivated garden spaces and a poly-tunnel learning space for grounds based study and practical Science activities.

The Poly-TunnelWe are continually searching for and aquiring grand funding to continually develop our grounds and have, most recently, acquired an apiary.


The School Aims


The School Aims


1. To educate pupils intellectually, socially, morally, aesthetically, physically and spiritually within a community based on Christian principles; to encourage the search for truth, meaning and purpose in life.

2. To promote Christian values within the school and encourage, in pupils, a sense of decency, self-reliance, responsibility, respect for others, a healthy self-esteem and a willingness to fulfil their potential.

3. To show Christian care, understanding and mutual respect for individuals within the whole school and wider community.

4. To stimulate in every child a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world, a concern for the environment and an appreciation and understanding of differing cultures and religions.

5. To give each member of the school a sense of belonging, of worth and involvement both within the school and the wider community.


Parental Involvement


Parental InvolvementWe are an open school; class teachers are approachable and they welcome regular informal dialogue about any aspect of learning. There are formal parents evenings in the Autumn and Spring Terms, progress meetings, class assemblies and a written report at the end of the summer term.

Parents are welcome to come into school to help the children either in their own child’s class or in another age group. The parents who come in regularly are a tremendous help and we hope they also enjoy themselves. We appreciate and encourage any kind of parent help whether it is with reading, artwork, computers or supervising on school visits.


Whatever your skill or interest we can use it!

Parental InvolvementWe are fortunate enough to have a tremendous amount of parental support and interest. The Friends of St Uny was formed in 1999 and has been extremely successful in fundraising for our school. The committee organises a range of events for the children and families. The committee meets each term to discuss future fundraising events and the purchase of equipment for the school. In addition to buying or contributing to the purchase of large, expensive pieces of equipment they also subsidise swimming lessons, transport to and from day and residential visits and our annual Christmas Panto.


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